Do Hair Vitamins Work?

Tell us, when was the last time you had professional hair treatment since Covid-19? We know it has been so long and we know how much you are dying to give your hair some TLC. Sometimes, shampoos and conditioners are not enough to bring back our crown’s glory. So, you may want to try out vitamins for the hair instead.

Hair vitamins are beginning to dominate the online beauty market and typical drugstores. A lot of celebrities and influencers have vouched for it too. But, do hair vitamins work?

We know you are skeptical. How can a gummy benefit your hair? Well, the answer lies in its ingredients.

Vitamins for the hair

Take VitaBears Hair Vitamins for an example. It is packed with hair-boosting nutrients, like Biotin, Vitamin A, C, and D3. These are all the key ingredients that will make your hair look and feel good.

Here is how the vitamins for the hair work:


Almost all of the haircare available hair care products have biotin in them. That is because biotin, or vitamin B7, is known for promoting the production of keratin and increasing follicle growth rate.

Aside from that, biotin also helps in breaking down carbs and turning them into energy that our bodies need to perform their duties. This is also how it helps in increasing growth rate and keratin production. If your body does not have much energy, everything will slow down and become weak.

The problem is our bodies do not produce biotin naturally. We get it from eating healthy foods, like meat, eggs, fruits, and veggies. Hence, if you are on a strict diet, there is a great possibility that your hair will lose its strength.

If you have a biotin deficiency, you will notice dry skin, rashes, hair fall, and brittle hair. It would be best to follow a nutrient-rich diet and partner it with biotin gummies to let your body take in enough biotin and keep your hair healthy.

Vitamin A

Retinol, or Vitamin A, is a favorite among dermatologists. Not only does it aid in curing a lot of skin problems, but it can also actually help the health of your hair too.

Our hair goes through stages, from growth to shedding. The hair benefits the most from Vitamin A during its anagen or growth phase. Vitamin A promotes a healthy scalp, therefore creating a hospitable environment for hair growth. Besides that, Vitamin A is also known for increasing sebum secretion that is crucial for keeping your hair strong and for minimizing breakage.

However, do note that taking in too much Vitamin A may lead to hair loss. So, experts recommend limiting your dosage to 0.7 mg. The best way to do this is to find hair growth supplements, like VitaBears Hair Vitamins, that already have Vitamin A in it.

Vitamin C

We all know that Vitamin C is good for our bodies. Generally, we take it in order to boost our immune system. But ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C, is also great for your hair.

Vitamin C supports cellular repair and collagen production. It benefits the hair by giving it enough nutrients to prevent breakage. Besides, it also helps in improving the health of your scalp, therefore stimulating the better growth of healthy hair.

Another thing you should love about Vitamin C is that it helps your body absorb and keep iron. Here is the thing: iron deficiency is pretty common. And one of the effects it imposes on our bodies is significant hair loss. So, if Vitamin C helps in fighting iron deficiency, then it definitely helps too in preventing hair loss.

Vitamin D3

Lack of Vitamin D in your body is one of the main causes of hair loss. Those who are suffering from alopecia areata often have low levels of Vitamin D in their system.

But why is Vitamin D3 a crucial vitamin for the hair?

Actually, Vitamin D3 plays a key role in growing hair follicles, the pores where new hair grows. That said, Vitamin D3 is crucial in your body if you want more hair growth that leads to thicker hair and prevents premature hair fall.

If you do not have enough Vitamin D3 in your body, it will take time for your hair to regrow fallen hair. There is simply no healthy follicle for them to grow from. So, if you are experiencing hair fall and you have Vitamin D3 deficiency, your hair will look thinner every day until it all falls off. But before that happens, just increase or incorporate Vitamin D3 in your diet to keep your hair volume despite the hair fall.

You can get all of these vitamins in a single yummy and adorbs treat from VitaBears Hair Vitamins, which you can get for just P640 per bottle.
Do vitamins for the hair work?
Now that you know what is inside a hair care vitamin, you should know the answer by now.

Yes! Vitamins for the hair DO work!

When you combine all of those vitamins in one gummy, for sure it will work. And since you will be taking them regularly, your body will have enough of each vitamin daily even if most of them are water-soluble.

Feeding yourself with the right nutrients daily means introducing the same benefits regularly. The results may not be a one-time-big-time hit, but eventually, you will notice that there is less hair on the drain and that your hair updos become tighter.
VitaBears Hair Vitamins
With so many options to choose from, why should you try VitaBears Hair Vitamins?

First of all, they are a local brand. Why else should you go for international brands that may be hard to avail? Plus, do not even get started with overseas shipping fees. And would it not be nice to help out in the success of our fellow kababayans?

Anyway, VitaBears, despite being a homegrown brand, can compete internationally. Their vitamin gummies are all formulated by experts in New Zealand. Meanwhile, the sourcing of ingredients and actual production takes place in South Korea. So, you are literally getting multinational quality! Plus, they are FDA-approved.

But most of all, we love it because it works!

After taking hair vitamins, you can enjoy these results:

● Lustrous hair
● Healthy scalp
● Faster hair growth
● Shiny and healthy hair
● Hair damage repair

We know how much most of you dread taking pills. VitaBears understands that too. No need to settle for boring and tasteless pills for healthy hair. Indulge in these yummy and cute gummies from VitaBears.

You can avail of their product straight from their website, or through Lazada, Shopee, and their official social media accounts.

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