Get ACV benefits from these detox gummies

Feeling not so well lately? Get your A-game back on with a quick full-body detox.

We know that amidst the hustle and bustle in this pandemic-ridden world, you may have been over-indulging in unhealthy eating and daily habits. Trust us; we know working from home is one of the best excuses to order as many snacks as you want and to lay down on your bed while working.

The question is: Are you spoiling yourself, or are you spoiling your body?

If you are feeling lethargic even after downing your third cup of coffee for the day, or if you are quickly getting sick even if you are staying at home all the time, your body is simply giving you signs that there are trapped toxins within you.

Drinking lots of water is already an obvious way to cleanse your insides and flush out all the toxins. But why not go the extra mile and keep the toxins away by taking in detox vitamins?

For only P650, you can get a bottle full of VitaBears Detox Gummies—a fun and yummy way to take vitamins if you are not a fan of capsules and pills. Each chewable vitamin detox is packed with the same vitamins that you can get from real apples and apple cider vinegar (ACV). How cool is that?

Remember how so many influencers are raving about the cleansing benefits of apple cider vinegar and promoting taking in a shot of it as soon as you wake up? Well, VitaBears understands that not everyone has an appetite strong enough to gulp down this miracle drink as it is. That is why they loaded all of the benefits into their apple cider vitamin gummies. So you can enjoy it without the fuss.

Benefits of body detox

Not everyone knows that they need to detox their body. After all, your first response when you start to feel under the weather and sick is to consult with a doctor. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, that is the right thing to do.

But do you really want to keep on feeling sick? Are you not tired of being unhealthy? The simple solution you often forget lies in the art of detoxification.

When you take in VitaBears Detox Gummies, you can have all of the following benefits:

Weight management

A Japanese study found out that vinegar helps combat obesity. Based on the research, those who add one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to their diet have significantly reduced their body fat percentage and blood triglycerides, which can, later on, be a cause of heart attacks and stroke—yikes!

So, when you take apple cider vinegar gummies, you too can reduce the fat in your body. This will help you manage your weight in a healthy way. But of course, results will be much better if you will incorporate good eating habits.
Better mental health
ACV is rich in potassium and vitamin B, which are natural relaxants that will help you sleep better and decrease insomnia symptoms. It can also lessen your blood sugar levels, therefore keeping restlessness at bay.

Having proper sleeping routines and enough rest helps ease your mind and free it from stress. As a result, if you are having a lot of worries, you can better tackle this and feel a bit relaxed. Remember, mental health is not imaginary. It is something physical that you can combat by feeding your body the right nutrients.
Boost energy
Since detoxification lets you get more rest, you will feel a boost in energy as well. Your body heals better and retains more nutrients needed to lift you up the next day.

But aside from that, body detox is also great in strengthening your immune system. We understand the need for the hustle but do not forget to take care of your body. While you are busy working, toxins get trapped inside you, contributing to the beginning of diseases. When you are sick, of course, you will not have the energy to get up and face the day.

What we love about VitaBears Detox Vitamins is that they have ACV nutrients. ACV also helps give you a jolt of energy because it is a natural electrolyte solution, having potassium and enzymes from vinegar.

So, if you always feel sleepy, maybe all you need is a vitamin gummy from VitaBears.
Improve digestion
We all love food. And when we are stressed out, we love to stuff ourselves with more food. But what we do not like is feeling bloated and sometimes getting heartburns from eating too much.

Apple cider vinegar gummies can help with that if you take it regularly.

Since these gummies are packed with ACV goodness, they are also rich in probiotics, which help keep your tummy feeling well. Okay ka ba, tiyan? You get the point, right?

Also, since VitaBears Detox Vitamins have real apples in them, you are sure to get enough pectin, the fiber that makes you go poo. With regular bowel movements, you can easily pass your food down the drains—literally. As a result, you do not need to worry about looking three months pregnant after eating.

Who is VitaBears?

VitaBears began with a boring idea: that pills and capsules are no fun. We agree!

But besides that, what we love about them is that they want to keep on giving us innovative, fun, and delicious ways to keep ourselves healthy.

Aside from their detox gummies, VitaBears also have hair and skin vitamin gummies that will make you look and feel good. And yes, all of their products are approved by the Food And Drug Administration. Plus, the formulations are made in New Zealand, with the ingredients and manufacturing sourced and done in South Korea.

That said, you can guarantee that it is safe for you. But of course, although their gummies have ingredients that already have a myriad of research supporting their benefits for certain diseases, you cannot solely use them to treat whatever ailment you have. It is only your best partner in your wellness journey, okay? Not the miracle cure to cancer and stuff.

Sadly, these are not yet available in leading stores like Watsons. But you can check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram to get the first dibs.

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